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What do you expect from your local auto locksmith? The first requirement of course is a sympathetic ear and ready solutions when you call to communicate your problems. Express Locksmith Store has them both. This makes for our enduring popularity in all parts of Mesa, AZ area. People expect and find response every time they approach us. You do not know when the services of auto locksmith might prove to be a lifesaver. Have we lost the keys to your car? Did you drop them accidentally inside the trunk along with your purchases? Empty out your pockets and examine every inch of the parking lot that you passed. Where has it gone? Nowhere to be found that is for sure! Now what are your options?

Let us consider them:

  • Would you leave the car wherever it is to take the taxi home?
  • Are you going to take the car back to the dealer for the spare key?

The first one is impossible, and downright dangerous. You may not find your car when you return. Thieves are waiting for you to make this mistake. Going to the showroom requires you to tow the vehicle. It is not only expensive but involves a long wait. You do not know when the towing company would find the time to come. Express Locksmith Store does not make you wait. Our auto locksmith team gets on the mobile vans as soon as you call. We will be on the way to reach you before worries turn to panic.

Call the most reliable auto locksmith in Mesa, AZ

We are proud to be the auto locksmith that you believe. This inspires you to contact us and no other similar service providers in the area. It might be an old vehicle model or the most advanced with transponder key chips. It does not matter. We have all the tools and equipment needed to resolve the problems immediately.

We are just one phone call away

We offer all auto locksmith solutions that our clients might require. The major services include the following.

  • Express Locksmith Store Mesa, AZ 480-696-1016Unlock key solutions
  • Creating replacement car keys
  • Auto lock repair
  • Spare key making
  • Trunk unlock
  • Switchblade key replacement
  • Reprogramming transponder key
  • Remote key replacement
  • Rekeying broken locks
  • Ignition key replacement
  • Expansive key blanks

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